Antibes, Southern France

Antibes, Southern France

My first image was taken when I received a 35mm Ricoh from my father Cristiano at the age of 12. What followed was a deep everlasting passion for Photography that has sustained me professionally and artistically. The craft of film photography was instilled in me by my father, I was printing color and black and white professionally at the age of 21. My father owned and operated a Photography Studio, so I had all the resources at my fingertips.

My interest in photographing models came early, so I decided to travel to Milan to work for Modeling Agencies. It was great way to build my book, meet new people, and experience Italian culture. After returning to the Bay Area, I  worked with Look Models in S.F. and on a few Fashion campaigns with local designers.

I have exhibited my work at Rayko Photo Center in SF, where I have sold prints to local collectors. I currently photograph my fine art work on black and white film and enjoy printing in the darkroom. My favorite cameras are Hasselblad, and the Bessa 667w.

Digital photography is now getting exciting for me, the resolution and color of the current cameras available are outstanding, Nikon especially.

This site is dedicated to my most recent works, and I will be updating it regularly with new images. I find beauty in many things around me, both in people and places. I also enjoy street photography, architectural spaces, fine automobiles, and landscapes. With an emphasis on composition, contrast, and perspective.

"I love to observe, photography has served me as a window to many cultures".

                                                                                                                                         Carlos DaSilva